This year's contest is now closed. Submissions will be published as an eBook in the very first Plainfield Poetry Anthology!

Make sure to attend the celebration party on Wednesday, April 17 at 7:00 PM as we unveil our book and recognize everyone who submitted a poem.

Submission Rules

  • Submissions are now closed.
  • Please limit to no more than 30 lines.
  • This project is for all ages so please use appropriate language.
  • All submissions will be considered, but the Library reserves the right to not publish or post entries.

Accepted File Formats

  • PDF

Instructions for Converting your Word Document to PDF:
After you have saved your work as a Word document, there are a few ways to convert your file to PDF.

  • Go to file, select "save as Adobe PDF", or
  • Go to file, select print, next select "Adobe PDF" as the printer, or
  • Go to file, select Export, next select "Create Adobe PDF"